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Keylogger software to monitor all activities on your PC


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Keylogger Free Trial

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  • Record all keystrokes typed
  • Record username & passwords
  • Record chat conversations
  • Record internet activities
  • Capture windows screenshots
  • Send log via Email or FTP


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Freeware Keylogger software allows you to monitor different keyboard activities performed on your PC by any user including your children, employee, spouse in easiest way. Key logger program easily records all typed keystroke details (both system and internet activities) including chat conversations, instant messages, email send, URL searches, typed files and documents etc in hidden encrypted log file with option to send the recorded details at specified e-mail address.

Award winning PC monitoring utility works in stealth mode and remains undetected in Add-Remove program list, Start menu, Desktop icon and even hidden from installation files and folders so that any external user cant know that his activities are recorded. The software is password protected, such that nobody except you could view the logs or modify software settings. Read More

Advance Keylogger

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Advance Keylogger

Advance keylogger software provides you extended facility to record all keystrokes along with clipboard contents, sound activities and also captures Windows screenshot just like a secret camera at regular interval of time. With the extremely easy-to-use interface and powerful logging features, you can easily track and record all user activities on any PC or Laptops.

The latest version of the computer key stroke loggers software (Advance keylogger) lets user to access log files through e-mail or via FTP server in hidden way so that you can easily find what activities were performed on your PC without being physically there. Download freeware keylogger demo version to understand surveillance software features and functionality in easiest way. Read More

MAC Log Manager

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MAC Log Manager

Keylogger software is perfectly used to record various computer activities performed on Apple Mac machines in complete secret mode. Now you have the power to record complete details without being exposed with real time monitoring results.

Supreme quality keylogger mac software records various computer activities including Keystroke details, Website accessed, Clipboard contents, USB media insertion/removal activities and captures screenshots at regular time intervals. With use of monitoring software for mac, you can view everything what your child, spouse or employee does online on Computer system behind your back without being even noticed. Read More

Why you need keylogger ?

• To detect your kids PC activities
• To easily monitor your employees daily work
• To get fair idea about your spouse internet usage
• Helps in tracking previously typed text in case you have lost it
• Helps to restore lost or forgotten email or password

Why you need keylogger ?

• Does keylogger software records all keyboard typed characters?
• What you mean by undetectable keylogger software?
• Is keylogger software password protected?
• How do I access the log reports without being physically present?
• What are the major applications of keylogger?

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